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Sales are held every other Thursday, starting at 10:00 AM, in the Seneca County Sheriff Office Lobby, located at 3040 S. State Route 100, Tiffin, Ohio.  For a list of upcoming sale dates, please click on the link below.


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General Information
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Current Sheriff Sale List


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Past Sheriff Sale Lists


Properties on the following lists have already been through the sale process.  If they are listed as being sold (either to the Plaintiff or an individual) they will not come back through the process.  Properties that are listed as "Cancelled" or "No Bid/No Sale" may come up again. We have no advanced knowledge of when or if that will happen. You may check the above Current Sheriff Sale lists to see if those properties have been resubmiited for sale.


01/01/2015 (no Sale) 01/15/2015 01/29/2015





04/23/2015 - Cancelled
05/07/2015 05/21/2015 06/04/2015
06/18/2015 07/02/2015 07/16/2015
07/30/2015 08/13/2015 08/27/2015
09/10/2015 09/24/2015 10/08/2015
10/22/2015 - Cancelled 11/05/2015 11/19/2015
12/03/2015 12/17/2015 12/31/2015 


2014 Past Sale List

2013 Past Sale List

2012 Past Sale List

2011 Past Sale List

2010 Past Sale List





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