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Thank you for visiting the Seneca County Sheriff's website. This site is designed to be used as a public resource. Here you will find recent news and announcements, current listings of upcoming Sheriff Sales, a listing of local sex offenders and their locations, and information regarding our various departments and services performed.


If you have a suggestion as to how this website can better serve and inform the citizens of Seneca County, you are encouraged to contact us with your suggestions.



History of Ohio Sheriffs

Past Sheriff's of Seneca County


Agreen Ingraham 1824-1828
William Patterson 1828-1830
David Bishop 1830-1834
Joel Stone 1834-1838
Levi Keller 1838-1842
Uriah P. Coonrad 1842-1846
Eden Lease 1846-1850
Stephen M. Ogden 1850-1854
Ephriam C. Wells 1854-1856
Jesse Weirick 1856-1860
Levi Weirick 1860-1862
Edward Childs 1862-1866
Peter P. Myers 1866-1870
John Werley 1870-1874
George D. Acker 1874-1878
Lloyd N. Lease 1878-1882
Thomas F. Whalen 1882-1886
George Homan 1886-1890
John L. Hepp 1890-1891
Alonzo Burman 1891-1895
Joseph VanNest 1895-1897
W.M. Shaffer 1897-1901
A.J. Henzey 1901-1903
Henry Brohl 1903-1905
Charles Nepper 1905-1909
Philip H. Reif 1909-1913
George E. Bare 1913-1914
Charles H. Bare 1914-1917
Charles J. Mutchler 1917-1921
Joseph W. Parks 1921-1925
Amandus B. Grossman 1925-1929
George A. Burkett 1929-1933
Verne F. Deats 1934-1940
George R. Steinmetz 1941-1948
John Dysard 1949-1960
Robert Wagner 1961-1969
James B. Roberts 1970-1978
H. Weldin Neff 1979-1989
Carl Runion 1989-1991
Larry D. Stephens 1991-1997
H. Weldin Neff 1997-2000

Thomas G. Steyer


William E. Eckelberry

2010 - Present


Important Information


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The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office utilizes the the following websites to update the community on current road conditions and weather related news.  The staff provides updates to the media on a regular basis; when conditions warrant.  Click the link for Seneca County Radio for current road condition levels.  If you would like this information sent to your cell phone, click on the WENS link to sign up for automatic alerts. 


Note:  We request that citizens get snow advisory information from media outlets rather than calling the Sheriff’s Office or Communications Center.




Information about the Wireless Emergency Notification System